Craniofacial Research Community News

The Program in Craniofacial Biology is delighted to welcome Prof Jeremy Green from King's College London as a visiting professor, beginning this semester. Prof Green is an international expert in developmental biology, with a long list of high-impact publications and important discoveries. Over the past few years, Prof Green has been working on tooth and craniofacial development, and he will be spending time at UCSF performing research and teaching trainees over the coming years. Welcome, Jeremy!

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We are proud to welcome Dr. Licia Selleri as the newest Program in Craniofacial Biology faculty member. Dr. Selleri joined UCSF as a Professor of Orofacial Sciences and Anatomy in November 2015, having moved with her lab group from Cornell. Dr. Selleri's research background in biology is broad and multi-faceted, and her post-doctoral training at Stanford and UCSF concentrated on molecular and developmental genetics as well as genomics and genetic engineering in the mouse. Dr. Selleri studies the transcriptional control of morphogenetic processes during development of craniofacial structures and the appendicular and axial skeleton. Her laboratory focuses on to read more

We are looking forward to our move to the new UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital at Mission Bay just after the New Year. The Craniofacial clinic will be housed in the outpatient area of the beautiful new hospital, and our patients and families will enjoy the advantages and comforts of one of the world’s premier pediatric medical facilities.  Our first clinic in the new hospital will be held on January 26, 2015. As of February 1, 2015, all procedures and inpatient stays will be at the new hospital. We look forward to seeing you at Mission Bay. to read more